Fort Technology Defender 2 Molle

Colour: OD
Sold out


First Chechen war experience has shown that the engaged personnel need durable protection, which includes body armor front and back plates with neck and groin sectors protection, because even one fragmentary injury might cause death.

   For this problem FORT TECHNOLOGY LLC issued the Defender 2 vest, which became standard equipment in different SF units of FSB, FSO and Rusguard. It provids the user with optimal protection coverage and included detachable neck protectors and groin pads.

   Defender 2 become legendary vest, which has been used in Russia almost for 20 years now. Defender 2 MOLLE is a modern version of it, which allows the user to mount pouches to the vest directly.

This version is available in OD or Black, it does not include the groin or neck protector. Supplied without plates.

Made in Russia.

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