Acetech AC5000 Chronograph

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◎ AC5000 is an airsoft chronograph with high quality and accuracy 
◎ User-friendly interface with 128*64 LCD. 
◎ Support Micro-USB(5V/0.5A) power input(no 
battery charge function) or Use AA battery*2 
◎ Ammo parameter setting supports 5 memory slots 
◎ AMMO 1~5 parameter can be selected on SCR2. 
◎ 25 memory slots for velocity and ROF 
(Rate Of Fire) 
◎ Idling and low battery auto power off function. 
◎ Tripod ready mounting hole (standard 
camera screw / camcorder tripods ) 
◎ Large caliber for 24mm, suitable for 
different BB Spec. 4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 18mm. 
*More durable: IR sensor self-calibration as well as IR sensor calibration in production 
*Easier to control: Equipped with 4-way push button 
*Friendly UI: Enables user directly select and change ammo parameters in main screen 
*Safer to use: FCC, CE, RoHS compliant

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