Acetech Lighter S Pistol Tracer Suppressor

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1. The Lighter S, is a smallest and lightest tracer unit designed for pistols
2. Because of its small dimensions, it enables users easily to instal inside most rifle rails (Diameter: 27mm or 1.06 inches, length: 67.3mm or 2.65inches) 
3. Lighter S works best with green tracer rounds, they are slightly less effective with red tracer rounds.
4. Do not disassemble the Lighter S to prevent high voltage electrical shocks.
5. The unit automatically switches off under the following conditions:A. Device has idled for 40 minutes B. When the battery power is low (the light will blink red for 3 seconds)
6. Remaining power indicator (flash once per second) A. Green light: high power B. Orange light: medium power C. Red light: low power 

Adaptor included to fit 11mm internal pistol threads. Main unit is -14mm. Charging lead included

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