Airsoft Innovations Master Mike

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Wide Spread vs Narrow Spread of 40 Mike   - 10ft spread at 20ft vs 10ft spread at 100ft
60ft effective Range (3x more than conventional shells)
100bb capacity vs 150bb of 40 Mike
220fps vs 240fps of 40 Mike
93mm length (fits all launchers - smaller than 40 Mike)

We've taken our Quantum Drive technology that you've seen in the Cyclone & 40 Mike and adapted it to create an all new 40MM Shell - The Master Mike.

The Master Mike is a WIDE SPREAD 40MM shell that fires 100xBBs at 220fps with a 10ft (3m) spread at 20ft (6m) with a 60ft effective range. Compare this to our 40 Mike that has the same 10ft (3m) spread at 100ft (30m). What that means to you is - closer range use.

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