FMA MIC FTP Bump Helmet

Colour: FG
Sold out


For 53~60cm head circumference

Features: helmet body: ABS material, with good impact resistance and heat resistance, low temperature resistance, perseverance. Surface sandblast treatment, not reflective effect, particles, feel more.
Characteristic two: helmet inner pad adopts high-density memory sponge. Ventilation net surface. Features: absorb external force, feel exquisite, soft and comfortable. In use, press the quick reset to protect the head effectively. It's different from a regular sponge. Commonly used sponge according to the structure is divided into high-density sponge, medium density sponge, low-density sponge three kinds. High density sponge, hole, very full, often used as sound-absorbing cotton, sofa cushion, soft decoration materials.
Features three: BOA lacing system has the following characteristics: 1, no pressure point. It eliminates the pressure point due to the unique lengthened lace guide groove and precise closure. 2, adjust the tightness at any time. The wearer can fine tune the tension and adjust to the best BOA technique every time, instead of the traditional tie ups. It is not possible to perform adjustments in this use with plain tape. 3, closed reliable, will not loosen. If the belt stretches itself throughout its use, it can rotate the knob half quickly and tighten it. No pressure point, adjust the tightness at any time.

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