Madbull Airsoft SWR Suppressor 6 3/4” TRIDENT9

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SWR is a design and manufacturing company specializing and famous in suppressors and small arms development. SWR now has a proper R&D staff to develop innovative product and a manufacturing line to ensure the innovation is produced and available nationwide. Madbull licensed SWR barrel extension is compatible with a diverse range of airsoft guns. It pairs with everything from Airsoft pistols, rifles, and sniper rifles making it the most light weight, versatile, and durable barrel extension on the market. It has fully licensed trademarks and a unique design for easy disassembly and user serviceability.

Package include:
Barrel Extension

- Durable one piece high tensile strength aluminum construction
- Fully Licensed Trademarks
- Light weight at only 6 oz.
- 14mm-

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