PTS Masada GBBR 11.5" Barrel Set

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The PTS 11.5" Barrel Set is a tool-less quick change barrel system designed
exclusively for the PTS Masada Gas Blowback Rifle. The Masada's inner barrel
and hop-up unit (both are included and pre-installed into the barrel set) is
captured within the quick change barrel system. This 11.5" barrel can be
swapped with the standard length Masada barrel system with ease allowing the
Masada to be reconfigured into a SBR (Short Barrel Rifle) as needed. 


. Masada 11.5" Barrel Set

. 2 optional O-Rings

. Hop-Up Adjustment Key


. Dimension - 365 x 55 x 40 approx. (with packaging)

. Weight - 542g approx. (with packaging)

. Compatibility - PTS Masada (GBB Only)

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