Tasmanian Tiger Tac Modular Pack

Colour: Carbon
Sold out


The Tasmanian Tiger Modular backpack with innovative, ventilated X Vent Zero Plus carrying system. The front opening of the backpack pulls up completely. The insides have Velcro sections for individual features. The backpack has elastic outer pouches, a lid pouch and reduced laser-cut MOLLE on the front.

– X Vent Zero Plus Carrying System
– Divided main and bottom compartments
– Height adjustable chest belt
– Hip fins
– Side compression on the inside
– Carrying handle
– Lid pocket
– Side pockets made of an elastic material
– Zigzag rubber lacing
– Antenna ports into the main compartment
MOLLE Velcro on the inside for modular expansion
– Laser cut MOLLE on front
- Color: Carbon


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